Jim Donovan – Personal Development Guru

Jim Donovan is a well known author and speaker who works primarily in the personal development niche. His engaging delivery of a past frought with turmoil and failure makes him highly sought after for corporate speaking engagements and self development conferences.

His website is jimdonovan.com and you can find out more about Jim via the regular blog posts he publishes – most of which are centered on Business Philosophy and Personal Growth.

 Never Heard Of Jim Donovan? Well How About Jim Rohn?…

Another Jim of Business Philosophy Fame is the late Personal Development Speaker Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn is extremely well-known in his own right, “Idaho farm boy, man of obscurity, plenty of broken promises, no money in the bank…”

His delivery to literally millions over his lifetime, of how to live a better life, is internationally recognised. Jim also has, to his name, the benefit of being known as the mentor of Personal Development Guru, Anthony Robbins.

Here is a video of Jim Rohn encouraging you to ask yourself 4 very important life questions…

To learn more about Jim Rohn and what he’s about, click on the image below

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